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Electric or Gas – that is the question!

Having noticed this feature of our website, for the very first time (shhh! don’t tell the boss!). I’ve decided to give it a go.

The first thing that comes to my mind when thinking about fires at the moment is that there seems to be a definite switch to electric fires from gas.

Now, this could be because electric fires don’t require an annual service, or that you can have a pretty flame on a summer’s evening – without the heat, but I think it’s probably more to do with the latest gas shortage. With gas prices rising shockingly and no caps to stop it many seem to be thinking that an electric fire would be more economical.

Let’s face it you’re probably right, if you live in a new build then the installation of a gas fire or a solid fuel stove is going to cost you. The cost to run either of these is increasing and (not to do us out of a job but) both of them require annual maintenance by a professional.

Electric fires can be inset into a wall or an existing surround, or can even be wall mounted with little to no fuss (chasing cables not included). They come in a variety of effects from the outstanding Celsi Electriflame VR (Virtual reality) real effect flame to the beautiful more interpretive Elgin & Hall Pryzm. You can have a traditional fire or an all singing all dancing Alexa compatible, multi-coloured LED, changeable flame effect (yes E&H Caselli- I’m talking about you)!


An electric fire (at least at the moment) doesn’t provide the same atmosphere. The flames just aren’t real, you can’t hear the crackle or smell the wood, and you can’t get a coffee-infused log (#bliss).

So if you do want to see an actual flame when you watch your fire, then you need gas. Though hopefully, the much anticipated Hydrogen blend will help our traditionalists with their green credentials.

If the romance and atmosphere of a real fire is what’s missing from your ideal evening. Then really a wood or multifuel stove is your only choice.

So whether you’re looking for a green cost reducing electric fire, a cosy real flame gas fire, or a romantic multifuel stove – Housewarmers are here to help.

Stay Safe

From our family to yours