Adam Helios Electric Fire in Black


They say that the old ones are the best, and considering the Adam Helios Electric Fire is both one of the first fires we sold and one of our best-selling, this is certainly true!

The fire comes with 4 settings, ranging from 1kW and 2kW heat output to glow-only and cool blow features. The fire has an ambient glow effect pebble bed, which along with the natural pebble bed creates a warm, atmospheric interior.

With a black body and 50mm spacer to help you adjust the inset depth, this is a functional fire that can be combined with a number of surrounds and hearths to create your perfect fireplace.


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Fire Finish: Black

Compatibility: Suitable for use with all wooden, marble, granite and stone surrounds

Flame Effect: Ambient glow effect

Bed type: Pebble effect

Fuel Type: Electric fire

Control Type: Manual switches

Heat Control: Thermostat & safety cut-out system

Heat Output: 1kW and 2kW heat settings. Also includes an ambient glow effect only setting

Assembly: None required

Fitting: If fully inset, requires a minimum recess of 120mm.

Notes: Supplied with a 50mm spacer which reduces recess to 70mm if required

Height: 595mm, Width: 485mm, Depth: 200mm, Weight: 9.80kg