Traditional Open Hearth

Typically Made Of Stone Or Brick, When You Are Close To Them, You Can Really Feel The Heat, Smell The Wood Burning And Hear It Crackling Away.

Enclosed Fireplaces

These Indoor Fireplaces Are Enclosed. Traditionally, This Type Of Fireplace Features A Large Glass Panel Enabling You To Enjoy The Ambiance Of Fire As It Burns.

Fireplace Inserts

These Are Inserts That Are Made To Fit Into Your Existing Fireplace Simply By Sliding It Into The Opening.They Are Enclosed, Enabling You To Easily Turn An Inefficient.

Wood Burning Stoves

Although Not Technically A Fireplace, Wood Burning Stoves Are An Alternative That Allows You To Burn Wood For Heating Without Needing A Fireplace.

Fireplace Conversion

If You Have An Existing Fireplace, You Can Get An Ethanol Burning Insert That Will Slide Right In, Making Use Of The Space And The Current Aesthetics.

  • Gas Burning Fireplaces

    Although They May Not Offer The Same Feel As Wood Burning Versions, Fireplaces That Use Gas Burn More Cleanly And Typically Create More Heat For A Lower Cost. They Can Also Require Less Construction Or Reconstruction To Install, Making Them An Attractive Alternative.

  • Electric Fires & Fireplaces

    Electric Fires and Fireplaces offers the best of both worlds. They’re a cost-effective and convenient way to provide warmth and atmosphere to any home. With choices that include well-known brands and classic styles, you are bound to find the right product that will transform your home.

  • Wood Burning Fireplaces

    A Traditional Wood Burning Hearth Is What Most People Think Of When They Picture A Fireplace In Their Head. There’s Nothing Quite As Romantic As The Snapping And Crackling Of A Roaring Fire.These Days, However, There Are A Number Of Options For You In This Category.

  • Fireplaces

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    Different Kinds Of Indoor Fireplaces

    There Are Several Different Types Of Indoor Fireplaces You Can Purchase At Minimum Price.